Lossless MP3 Cutter Joiner

Lossless MP3 Cutter Joiner 7.0

Sophisticated MP3 cutting and joining tool with no re-encoding loss of quality
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Lossless MP3 Cutter Joiner is not the average MP3 slicing/merging tool. There are two reasons why this utility stands out from the rest of MP3 cutters – first, it will not re-encode your audio when cutting or joining MP3 files thus preserving the original audio quality; and second, it provides a level of accuracy that makes similar tools pale in comparison.

Besides these two main reasons, I could easily find others that would make you look at this tool differently. One could be its batch audio cutting capabilities, which allows you to accurately slice your audio files in 1 sample or 0.1 second intervals if you wish. Another one could be its advanced renaming utility, which also lets you add, edit, and replace the file’s most widely used tags. None of these tools are exclusive to this program or anything you couldn’t find in good audio editing tools, but they are not easy to find in the wide choice of audio cutting and joining tools available.

The program’s interface is nothing to write about – a simple Windows-based interface with dull buttons and dialogs, but with a set of advanced options that are not easy to come by. It allows you to cut your files into fragments of a specific length (accuracy level down to the millisecond), or into a fixed number of clips of equal length, or of a specific file size, or even according to the audio’s amplitude! - cut when the decibels go below or above the selected amplitude. As for the batch audio joiner, this will allow you to listen to your audio tracks and stop it exactly in the right place where you want your start and end positions to be placed. Alternatively, you can tell the program to “find” the start and end positions for you by counting samples, seconds, or minutes, a feature that I had not come across in any similar tool before.

The advanced output options partner together with the program’s renaming patterns to offer you an incredibly powerful tool that tags and renames your files at the same time. You can create and edit a new file pattern every time, using the artist’s name, the album name, the track title and number, the year, the child directory (!), or the source file path (!!). Your creativity and your needs are the only limit.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Does not expands and re-compress your MP3 files
  • Fast cutting and joining processes
  • Measures your files in samples for highly accurate results
  • Renames and re-tags your MP3 files using patterns
  • Supports batch processing


  • Limited to MP3 audio files
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